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  • How do I become a member of the club?

In order to become a member of the club, you must visit the “Join the Club” page on the NYTC

website. Follow the instructions on page. You can only register for a club membership online

through the NYTC website and pay by credit card. If you need assistance with membership

registration, please contact the membership director (

  • What are the operating hours of the club

The club opens in the beginning of May and closes at the end of October. The club is open 7 days

a week (weather permitting). The daily hours are: 8:00am – 10:30pm.

While summer camp is on, morning sessions end at 2pm, and the club is closed daily for Maintenance 

between the hours of 2pm – 3pm. 

The club may be closed for maintenance after a heavy rainstorm for court repairs outside of these regular hours.

  • What are “clay courts?”

Clay courts are made from a material called “Har-Tru.” They are softer than regular hard

courts and stay cooler during hot weather. They do require maintenance to keep them in good


  • How do I book a court at the club?

In order to book a court at the club you must come to the club in person and book a court.

 When a Court Monitor is on duty (usually peak times) all bookings are done through the Court

Monitor.  When a Court Monitor is not on duty (usually non-peak times), you may book a court

yourself. There is no advance booking of courts and you must remain at the club until your

court time arrives. There are complete court booking rules posted in the clubhouse. Please

follow these rules for the enjoyment of everyone. You should be aware of the club calendar that

lists all programs and special events. These events have reserved courts ahead of time. 

This calendar can be viewed on the website.

  • How do I get my court booking name-tag and shoe tag?

The Club will produce a court booking name tag for each member (used to bookcourts) these must be used

and returned to the name tag board before the members leaves the club.

The shoe tag must be attached on your tennis shoes. You can pick up your shoe

tag which will be under your name tag (only at the beginning of season after which you can pick it up from

either the court monitors or the membership director.

You can contact the membership director at:

  • What important club rules do I need to know?

The NYTC is a friendly and welcoming club. Here are a few important rules to help keep the

club fun for everyone:

1) You must have registered as a member BEFORE you can play at the club. Please keep

your membership receipt in your tennis bag if you have not yet received your membership

name-tag and shoe tag as proof of your membership.

2) Please wear proper tennis attire at the club. We don’t have a strict dress code, but

members should dress appropriately for tennis. This includes PROPER TENNIS SHOES. If

you do not wear proper shoes to play, other members can request that you not play until

you have proper shoes. This is to protect the courts for the use of all members.

3) During peak times at the club, you must book your court through the court monitor.

4) Please wait for a break in play before going to the courts for your court-time. After 

a point has finished, you can cross behind a court. Please never walk behind or across a

court during play. If you have booked court 3 or court 4, please walk to the far gate behind

court 4 to enter these courts, so that courts 1 and 2 are not interrupted.

5) Only 3 balls are allowed on a court (with the exception of lessons or programs). This is

to ensure that balls are not spread to other courts. If your ball enters another court by

accident, please do not run after it. If the ball looks like it could be stepped on by another

member, let them know. Otherwise, wait for the end of the point and then ask the other

court to return your ball. Likewise, if a ball from another court enters your court, at the

end of your point please return the ball to them.

6) Please be courteous to other members and their partners and keep your voices at an

appropriate level when on the courts.

  • I don’t have anyone to play with – how can I find a partner?

The club is a friendly place and you will meet people to play with over the season.

However, to meet partners right away, the best ways to do so are at the weekly Friday

night doubles social, and social events listed on the calendar. If you are new to the

game of tennis and cannot yet play matches, you may need to take lessons or practice

with another beginner before joining the socials.

  • What are proper clay court tennis shoes?

Proper clay court shoes have a small “tread” on the bottom sole of the shoe. This is so

that the part of the shoe that makes contact with the court does not “dig” in and

damage the clay. The tread usually comes in a “wishbone” pattern. If you do not know

what to get, just ask a member at the club or visit a tennis store such as Sporting Life

(Yorkdale Mall or 2665 Yonge St, M4P 2J6), Merchant of Tennis (1621 Bayview Ave, M4G 3B5),

or RacquetGuys (7400 Victoria Park Ave, L3R 2V4).  Members and Guests who do not

have the correct Tennis Shoes on will be asked to leave the court to change into proper

clay court shoes.

  • I don’t own proper tennis shoes or have a tennis racquet – where can I purchase them?

Proper Tennis shoes and Tennis Racquets/balls can be purchased from stores such as

Sporting Life, Merchant of Tennis etc. Feel free to consult with our Club pros if you

need advice on which racquets might be best for you.

  • How can I register for club programs like House League and the Challenge Ladder?

You can register for these Programs by indicating your interest to join in your

membership registration or by contacting the appropriate membership director found

in the “Contact Us” section of the website.

  • How can I sign up for Lessons?

There are different types of lessons offered at the club. You can learn about the various

types under the “Lessons” heading underneath the Adult Programs drop down menu of


need additional information on Lessons, please contact our club pro at:

  • How can I sign my children up for Junior Programs?

Under the “Juniors” heading on the club website, the Junior programs are listed. In

order to sign children up for the Junior Programs, they must first be registered as

members of the club. Then you can use the login given to you and register for the

different programs. You can read more about the various programs under the

“Juniors” heading of the website. If you need additional information of Junior

Programs, please contact our club pro at:

  • How can I play on one of the Inter-County Teams?

Team try-outs take place in late April before the club opens. If you are new to the club,

and want more information on a team, you can contact the team captains directly to

speak with them. Their contact emails are listed on the “Contact Us” page of the


  • Can I bring a guest to the club?

Yes, you can bring a guest to the club up to 5 times in total for each guest.

In order to bring a guest, you must pay a $10 guest fee and sign the guest’s name and your name

into the guest book before going on your booked court time.

The $10 gets placed in an envelope and put into the lock box underneath the clubhouse telephone.

Members are responsible for ensuring that their guests have paid, and have proper

footwear and attire to play at NYTC.

The club does not offer change.

If you have any other questions, please send an email to:


Open 7 Days at Week:

Daily 7:00 AM to 10:30 PM

Maintenance hours:

Daily 12:00pm to 1:00pm

(Courts Close, Time to be confirmed)

Full Season:

From May 1st to October 30th

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